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Fasten your seat belts when your rocket takes off, as the flight promises to be profitable and exciting. It’s a Rocket X game, an instant win from 1Play. 

This Rocket X game review will give you all the necessary info about this casino game.

What is the Rocket X game?

Rocket X online game is a casino game that involves betting on the multiplier before Elon Musk’s rocket takes off. The game is based on RNG. You follow the rocket along the flight line and cash out in time.

Rocket X bet game is often compared to the Aviator game, as both are crash flyers. However, Rocket X shows Elon Musk’s rocket launch, while Aviator is focused on the aircraft.

Rocket X Game Overview

Type of GameCrash
RTP96 %
Duration of each roundRandom
Minimum bet0,75 BRL
Maximum bet100 BRL
Max Win Multiplierx1000
Rocket X Game Overview

Is Rocket X legal?

Yes. Rocket X real money game is not restricted by law. NO specific Brazilian laws prohibit crash games

The other thing is your iGaming platform for Rocket X casino game. It must be licensed. Authorities like Gibraltar, Malta, and Curaçao issue licenses and audit operators, ensuring higher trust and security.

We recommend Sunplay Casino, 1Xbet, and Estrelabet platforms as they hold such licenses. By choosing licensed operators like Sunplay, you can have more confidence in the safety of your personal information and the reliability of receiving your winnings.

Rocket X game algorithm and rules


  • Rocket X game algorithm is based on a random number generator, making the game unpredictable;
  • Players bet on the multiplier before the rocket takes off;
  • Players decide when to end the round and withdraw their winnings; 
  • The goal is to cash out before the rocket reaches a certain point or explodes.


  • Rocket X is a crash game with one rule – get money out before the rocket crashes;
  • Players can choose to play for real money or in demo mode to practice their strategies;
  • The game combines graphics and immersive gambling experience.

Rocket X Game Features

Simple Gameplay: Rocket X crash game is simple. Just bet on the multiplier before the rocket launches.

Multiplayer Game: You see other users on board the rocket and when they cash out.

Strategic Choices: Rocket X has a simple game loop with multiple strategic choices. Players can play for real money or in demo mode.

Dynamic Gameplay: Unlike traditional casino games that often have static and predictable gameplay, Rocket X offers unpredictable and exciting dynamics.

Rocket X pros & cons

  • Simple & friendly gameplay
  • Thrilling Suspense
  • Funny design
  • Medium to High Volatility
  • Multiplayer
  • No bonus features
  • No Rocket X game prediction
  • Rocket X hack = ban
  • No Rocket X game app

Rocket X vs. Aviator

Rocket X and Aviator are two crash gambling games that are available at online casinos. Here is a comparison of these games:

Rocket XAviator
A mock gambling game that involves betting on the multiplier before Elon Musk’s rocket takes offA gambling game that involves betting on the outcome of a virtual airplane flight
Offers dynamic gameplay that is unpredictable and excitingOffers different betting strategies to increase your chances of winning
Available exclusively at the 1win Casino siteAvailable at various online casinos

How to play the Rocket X game?

To play the Rocket X game, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an online casino: Choose a reputable and licensed online casino that offers the Rocket X game;
  2. Register and deposit: There is no Rocket X game login. Register an online casino account and deposit to play the game for real money;
  3. Place your bets: You place a Rocket X game bet on the multiplier before the rocket takes off;
  4. Decide when to end the round: Players decide when to end the game and withdraw their winnings;
  5. Withdraw your winnings: If you cash out before the rocket crashes, you can withdraw your winnings. The amount you win depends on the multiplier you bet on.

How to play Rocket X for free?

Rocket X demo mode is a test mode of Rocket X game free. It’s available and requires no investment or Rocket X game download. 

To play in demo mode, visit the casino site, select the game, and click “Demo”. It’s a great way to experience and learn the game’s mechanics before investing real money.

Game strategy to win in Rocket X

To succeed in online Rocket X game, here are some strategies and tips:

  1. Watch game strategy videos on platforms like YouTube;
  2. Set a budget before playing Rocket X game online;
  3. Play fair: Don’t use any Rocket X game hack & you won’t get banned;
  4. Analyze betting amounts: Adjusting betting amounts can be crucial in maximizing your chances of winning;
  5. Observe gameplay patterns: Pay attention to the multiplier trends and the rocket’s behavior to make more informed choices;
  6. Take advantage of strategic choices: Consider all available options based on your risk appetite and desired outcomes.

Recommended sites to play Rocket X

  • 1Xbet
  • 1Win
  • Sunplay Casino
  • Galera Bet


Everyone wants to be successful, like Elon Musk. The Rocket X money game inspires confidence, and numerous online reviews speak of the game’s advantages. 

Yes, like any game, there are ups and downs. It all depends on how we feel about gambling and whether we include a cold mind when setting odds. 

If you feel tilted, take a break and change the picture.

Rocket X FAQ

What is the Rocket X game?

Rocket X is an Elon Musk’s rocket-themed crash game by 1PLAY.

How does the Rocket X game work?

  • Betting: Before the rocket takes off, players bet;
  • The rocket takes off;
  • Multipliers are growing and increasing the potential winnings.
  • Cash Out before crashing secures winnings;
  • Group Dynamic: Players see other users’ activity.

How to play the Rocket X game?

  • Find an online casino that offers the Rocket X game;
  • Place your bets;
  • Withdraw your bet before the rocket explodes.

Is Rocket X game real or fake?

Rocket X is a real game that can be played for real money bets.

Is Rocket X game safe?

Yes, Rocket X is genuinely safe.