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Is it even possible to invent something really new in the iGaming world? No-no, changes do really come, but if we talk about slot genre, they usually concern the interface. Better graphics, some spin features, and new themes… On the other hand, we have Instant games, also known as Instant Wins. For example, Crash games are quite a new word in online gambling. The games wakening pretty different gamma of emotions during a game session. It’s not about the amusement of watching the spectacular reels spinning. It’s suspense. 

But how do you know if you would enjoy it without real money spent? The answer is simpler than you think – you can always try the game in demo mode!

Aviator Demo Game is a splendid opportunity to experience all the thrill without voiding your casino real money balance. You don’t buy a pair of shoes before fitting them, looking in the mirror, walking back and fro, and having a couple of hops, right? You can try them on, feel how they fit you, suit you, match your jeans, and finally realize if you want to spend your money on them.

So, we’ll gladly introduce this iGaming novelty absolutely worth your attention and a few evenings a week playing. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Aviator Demo Game?

What’s that Aviator, and why will you try the Aviator game demo soon? We shall retell you a long story short, so you’ll know the reason there’s so much hype around the game.

Aviator is a crash game created by the Spribe provider. Its introduction in 2019 was a big success from the beginning, and it showed the world the new online gambling genre. It gives the players a unique and enjoyable way to experience their favorite games and also provides the possibility to become part of a live player community. 

All thanks to the innovative way of implementing social elements right into the game. Players can play and communicate on the same page, which is quite comfortable, cause you don’t need to look for some special hashtag or online group – everything’s right in front of you.

So, now we’re talking about the demo version of the game Aviator. Almost the same game but with lower risks and also with fewer functions. Still, it seems like a good opportunity to enjoy new experiences without doubts, worries, and stress.

How to Play Aviator Demo Online

If you feel already interested and intrigued and want to try out the Aviator game demo play, then follow these simple instructions:

  1. First, you need to find any website that provides the free version. The best option here is the developer’s website. Note: for the first play, you’ll have to confirm that you’re over 18 years old;
  2. Take your time and relax. The demo Aviator game is not risky at all, so no need to be worried;
  3. Place your bet (or two, who can stop you, after all?) before the round starts. Choose any preferable amount and hit the “Bet” button. If you press it after the round starts, your bet will have to wait for the next one;
  4. When the round starts, the plane on the screen will take off, and the multiplier score will increase;
  5. To feel this awesome vibe of winning, push the “Cash out” button before the tricky plane flies away with your bet on board. Remember: if you succeed, you won’t get any real money.

That’s all you need to know to play Aviator game online free. But don’t leave at this point – there is more interesting information waiting just for you!

Why Use Aviator Demo Version

Some of you would definitely ask: Hey, why use this Aviator casino game demo?

The answer is quite simple.

Aviator game online demo is your match if you wanna try out this new experience but don’t want to lose any money. 

Maybe, you would like just to look at the algorithm of this game? Then you’ll have no risks and will find out everything you would like to know.

Or you’re just looking for a little entertainment while sitting in the taxi? Then the Aviator free game will help you spend your time with fun. And if you need to leave your phone and rush somewhere, you lose nothing.

But there’s also a dark side of this version of Aviator. You may become too comfortable playing for free. This can lead to difficulties adjusting when you switch to real money bets.

Now let’s take a look at the whole list of free Aviator game benefits!

Benefits of Aviator Demo game

Aviator Demo Game has quite a nice list of benefits. Here they are:

  1. Easy access – Aviator free game is just a few clicks away from you. No need to travel somewhere to play an amusing game: you can just stretch out on your couch and enjoy playing;
  1. Flexibility – Only you decide here how you experience this game. Wanna play for just half an hour while waiting for pizza? Here you go. Or wanna train to be a true Aviator game pro player? Please, possibilities here are infinite when you’re in control;
  1. Skills upgrade – Worried about the perfect strategy not coming up that easily? Here you’ve got no restrictions. Study the Aviator demo game play as long as you need to, think of every move, and then hit the buttons like a boss;
  1. No real money risks – Aviator game free version allows you not to worry about losing your money: all the bets and wins are not real, so the loss is not that bitter. But the win is not that sweet as well.

The difference between the demo version and the real money version of Aviator

So, at this point, let’s sum up all the differences between the Aviator game and Aviator game demo.

Aviator demo versionReal money Aviator
No real money betsReal money bets
No chat with playersLive chat with real players
Third-party adsNo ads
No promos and bonusesAll the bonuses and promos provided by Spribe are available
No tournamentsTournaments with real players and prizes
Aviator demo vs Real money Aviator

So, as we can see, the real money Aviator version has got more advanced functions and provide different promos like a free bonus aviator game. Also, it doesn’t include distractive elements like ads.


Aviator demo game gives players around the world a perfect chance to explore the new frontiers of online gambling without risking real money. It’s a nice way to spend an evening or some free time without stress and unnecessary worries.

This free version also allows gamers to improve their skills, create new strategies and use all the benefits of comfortable remote playing. It’s a perfect variant to try out something new and gain some kind of experience.


Is it possible to play Aviator game for free?

Yes, there is Aviator Demo Game that allows you to play for free. Note: all the wins are not real money wins.

Should I register on website to play Aviator demo game?

No. The official Spribe website doesn’t need registration to play the demo version of Aviator, as well as most sites that provide it.

Is Aviator demo easy to play?

Yes, the Aviator game play demo is understandable and very simple. Just predict the outcome of the flight and enjoy the result.

Can I switch from demo play to real money Aviator game?

Yes. If you feel confident enough, jump to the preferable casino website, log in (or register) your account, make the deposit, and enjoy the game.

Is there any Aviator demo game download?

No, Aviator demo game is available only online.