Aviator Game: Profit to the Skies


The famous Aviator game — a simple and fair game hardly any gambler can resist trying at least once for real. Yes, we’re going to talk about flying high using just your laptop, desktop computer, or any other device. The thrill is guaranteed. 

But are the high player rating and all the positive comments about this Aviator game real or fake? Let’s figure it out!

What is Aviator game?

Before we jump right to the Aviator game review, let’s take a look at the essence of this game.

Aviator shook the online casino world like a storm wind. Its birth in 2019 was a crushing wave that brought new concepts of both betting and gaming. Its popularity is more than obvious: lots of gambling platforms add Aviator to their portfolio to provide it to more and more gamers around the world every day. Reviews and comments pop up like popcorn in the microwave, and the community is still growing.

Now let’s find out more information about the Aviator game!

Aviator game

Aviator game overview

Is Aviator game even real? Of course, it is! More than real. It’s splendid.

The Aviator game is a pretty brand-new word in online gambling products provided by an ambitious company Spribe. Although it is often classified as a slot game, this dark horse is not what it seems from the first look. The Aviator betting game feels like a fresh breeze for both newbies and experienced players – the unusual format is engaging and eye-catching. No reels, paylines, or symbols: nothing distracts you from the joy of the gaming process. Everything is simple and user-friendly, just like we love it.

Gameplay👉 No reels, paylines, or symbols
👉 Airplane flies up with increasing coefficient
👉 Cash out before it randomly flies away
Features✅ Social multiplayer game
✅ In-game chat
✅ Live bets
✅ Live statistics
✅ Free bets
✅ Rain promo
✅ Aviarace tournaments
Pros➕ Innovative curve crash format
➕ Social features
➕ Simple and fair gameplay
RTP of the Aviator slot97%
Betting options$0.1 to $100 per round
Maximum win possible$10,000 per bet
Availability on mobile devicesCompatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
Where to play for real moneyCheck our recommended casino list
Availability of free playFree demo available at our site
Aviator Game overview

Is Aviator legal in Brazil?

Ola, players from Brazil. You definitely would like to ask: Can I play Aviator game online legally in Brazil?

Yes, Aviator is a real legal game, and it’s absolutely available in Brazil. For example, you can try it out on Estrela bet casino (more about the best casinos where you can play Aviator for real money – further in the review). 

Now, when we introduced the Aviator online game to you, let’s find out more about the gaming process itself.

Aviator game algorithm

This game is made with the curve crash mechanic. It’s quite popular nowadays because of its clarity, reliability, and fairness. The Aviator game algorithm is based on Random Number Generator and can be thoroughly checked with Provably Fair technologies.

The concept is simple: you’ve got an airplane. It takes off and flies up, making the multiplier coefficient grow bigger and bigger from 1x up to… who knows, maybe even infinity. The Aviator players are breaking new multiplier records so often that we can’t name the biggest registered. 

The crash happens, though! Oh no, the little airplane is a tricky devil and often randomly flies away, taking your bet money on board. So, you should be both quick and attentive, as well as listen to your intuition and try to cash out before that moment. If you’re a good pilot, your bet is multiplied, and you get your cash. If you’re not that lucky, you lose, and your money bets crash. Everyone would prefer to be of the first kind, huh?

Now, to the features.

Aviator play

Aviator Game Features

Auto play 

Don’t want to press buttons all the time? Let it go as it goes. With this feature, you don’t need to. Auto play allows you to set a specific number of rounds and cash out at safe multipliers. Or risky ones, if you are feeling daring today. 

Live betting and stats

The game provides a live community of real Aviator players who can communicate on live while trying to catch their biggest multipliers. It gives additional tension and thrill, especially when you cash out perfectly.

RTP & Volatility

The Aviator Casino Game shows off a high RTP of over 97%. If you bet one Euro in total, for example, you can expect an average return of 97 euro cents, at least. Which is quite a good choice to get high-quality entertainment. Volatility varies from low to medium, which is also very good if you’re looking for a long and thrilling evening pastime.

Provably Fair

Provably Fair is a provable technology based on cryptography. It makes sure that online casinos play without tricking you. This algorithm works in a similar way to the Bitcoin blockchain network.

So, the Provably Fair algorithm assumes that when you bet, the casino can’t press a special button and change the outcome of the game. To cut a long story short, the result has already been determined, and no one affects from the outside.

How can you see it from your side as a player? Aviator allows you to see past multipliers statistics. And for deeper analysis, you can search video manuals on YouTube. 

Auto Cash Out 

Auto withdraw ensures that all the winnings are automatically collected when your plane jumps to the needed point. You don’t need to push several buttons – everything is made for you. Just chill and look how your bets cash out.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aviator Spribe game has its Pros and Cons, like any other iGaming app. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Easy to playYou can spend the whole deposit fast
High RTP (97%)No 100% winning strategy
Provably FairSimple graphics
Found on multiple online casinos
Demo play available
Designed for various OS devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
Aviator game pros & cons

Thanks to High RTP and rather simple gameplay, as well as multi-device availability, the Aviator is becoming more and more popular among the online casino players, so many iGaming platforms worldwide implement it. Visual graphics may seem too primitive in our era of powerful animation tools. Still, we can’t call it a significant disadvantage, considering it’s an Instant game supposed to be quick and simple.

One more thing. It’s always a good idea to play responsibly – making big bets and raising the expected multiplier too high can empty your casino deposit account balance faster than you think. We can’t also say there is an absolute winning strategy – but there are essential things you have to know about playing Aviator.  

How to play the Aviator Game?

Here is a short educational handbook describing how to play Aviator money game comfortably and without unnecessary stress. Follow these tips and play with joy:

Aviator how to play

Register and log in

At first, you choose any comfortable casino and sign up (register an account), following the website tips and filling in all necessary information. It takes from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, so no worries.

Most iGaming platforms will require your real name, address, and email or phone number. Don’t forget to confirm your contact with a code or a link they will send you. 

Deposit funds

As soon as you register a valid account, you can proceed with a real money deposit. Here are some accurate instructions on how to deposit funds in Aviator:

  1. Log in to your casino account;
  2. Head to the deposit section of the platform;
  3. Choose the desired method for money transactions. Usually, there are debit or credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, crypto wallets, etc., available;
  4. Enter your preferred deposit amount. Minimal deposits can vary depending on your casino limits or the payment method you select to use.
  5. Follow the instructions given by the website and your payment provider to complete the payment process;
  6. Once the payment is processed, the funds go to your account.

If any issues come up, contact the support, and they will help you find the appropriate decision.

As soon as you have a gaming balance, you can start the game in real mode.

Place a bet

Choose an amount of bet and press the button named “BET”. Pay attention to the fact that you need to place your bet before the round starts. Otherwise, your bet will have to wait till the next flight.

Control yourself during gameplay 

Freaking out while playing is not a good idea. Of course, it is always your business, but that can ruin all the fun of the game. Remember that Aviator is made primarily for entertainment, like any other slot or instant win. You better be responsible and patient if you want to play to the core.

Cash-out timely

Press the “CASH OUT” button before the plane flies away to win your prize. If you’re not quick enough, your Aviator game bet will be lost.

Withdrawing earnings before they expire

Don’t forget to withdraw your money winnings from the casino you choose to play Aviator at. Follow these instructions to withdraw your money in Aviator:

  1. Log in to your casino account;
  2. Head to the withdrawal tab. It can be either a function in the profile or just a big “Withdrawal” button;
  3. Pick any withdrawal method that is suitable for you. Different platforms can provide various methods. Some allow withdrawing only the same way you used to deposit your account;
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and click the “Withdraw” button. Note: it may take up to a few days, especially via banking, no need to panic. If any problems occur, you can always contact the support. 

Don’t want to withdraw? Use the winnings to take another round in Aviator. Your money – your choice.

How to play Aviator for free?

If you want to try Aviator game for free, you can find it on many gambling sites. Search it on your preferable casino platform, log in, or register an account and burst into playing right away.

The free version of the online Aviator game provides the same fun and excitement, so you can enjoy it without losing any money. A perfect option to have fun or learn how the game works. An obvious note, though: no real money bet brings no real money wins. 

Game strategy to win in Aviator

Although there is no absolute success strategy, we can share some useful gaming tips on playing this game more effectively.

First things first: take your time and understand how Aviator game works. Although the interface is quite simple, there is no need to hurry. Study all the features to come up with a strategy that will be the most comfortable for you.

We recommend getting the advantage of Auto bet and Auto cash out features – those will be quite helpful.

You can play a single bet or use the feature of a dual bet. Those require a bit different strategies, but the base is almost the same. There are three possible ways for you: to play safe, to set the medium risks, or to put the pedal to the metal and play risky.

If you wanna play safe set auto cash out at coefficient x1.20-x1.21. You won’t win a lot, but still, you don’t lose much if you stumble and catch a bit of bad luck.

The next option is your match if you don’t want to play small but are not that daring yet. No offenses. Everyone plays according to their feelings. Just set auto cash at coefficient x1.7-x1.8 and place your bet on every round.

If you wanna play risky, just change your auto cash out to x4-5 or even higher. Just remember: the higher the multiplier you choose, the higher your chances of losing will be.

If you choose a dual bet strategy, you can mix up these strategies in different ways according to your style. For example, you can use both bets to play at minimal risks. Maybe, you will set up one bet on the minimal coefficient and the second on the bigger one.

Listen to your intuition and play as YOU like it. Feel it. No need to run for bigger scores if you don’t want. Just enjoy the game.

Aviator free mode

Recommended sites to play Aviator

As the game is gaining popularity, it can be found on iGaming platforms here and there worldwide. In this review, we included a list of the casino websites that will help you to forget about worries like “Is Aviator game safe?” or “Is Aviator game legit?”. And, of course, you have no need to research to find out the main answer to the question “Is Aviator game real or fake?” These online casinos provide the official version of the game. They are working according to the laws of most countries.

You can always choose any site that will allow you to enjoy the gaming process fully. Not only should a game bring you joy, but also bonus campaigns and lovely brand style.

The first love comes from the first look, you know? So, choose any design that is most preferable to you. But don’t forget to check out the list of restricted countries of the casino you want to register at. 


Oh, that’s a great option for gamblers from Germany (or under other EU authorities) who want to play Aviator online.

The Betano casino gaming site is filled with nice colors. Orange is the new black, remember? A lot of gambling and betting options for any taste. You can feel a bit lost in the variety at first moment, but that’s not going to be a problem. The structure is understandable and user-friendly, so you will definitely enjoy your gambling experience there.

100% bonus, up to a maximum of R$500

Pin Up

Pin-Up Casino is an online casino with a valid Curacao license, permitting it to offer gambling services in compliance with the law. It also provides Aviator, among other games.

The design won’t disappoint you – it’s bright and has a nice drip of flirt, especially in promos that are too eye-catching. You won’t resist looking at them just for a moment.

Pin-UP Casino is well-tailored for Desktop and Android devices, but, alas, if you’ve got an iOS – there is no app available for you.

100% bonus, up to a maximum of R$500


Bet365 stands out in the market. It focuses on quality and offers the best entertainment. The design is strict from the first look, but don’t be afraid. It looks like a well-organized bookshelf if you take a closer look.

The accurate use of emerald green, gray, and black colors in the main theme allows you to relax and just enjoy your playing without distraction. Also, green is believed to be a color of luck, remember?

But be careful: this site is restricted in several countries. Check yours.

100% bonus, up to a maximum of R$500


This online casino can provide you with the joy of playing the Aviator game. If your location is not in the UK, US, or the Netherlands, you can jump there and dive into the gaming after login.

The design is a bit different – it’s dark and filled with deep blue colors. From the first look, it seems like you’re in a sea of gambling options, which are pretty varied. A perfect variant for those who miss some fresh ocean breeze.

Estrela bet

This site is just an ideal option for players from Brazil. Minimalistic but bright – an excellent field to be creative in your strategies. The star-shaped logo with the Brazilian flag gives this adorable South American vibe. Everything is available there, even useful tips on how to play Aviator game.


Aviator by Spribe is an engaging online casino game that offers a fresh and exciting take on online casino gaming. It is a thrilling, light, and unique gameplay experience. Aviator’s becoming quite a popular game for a cozy evening when you are to play just for fun. But don’t take it too easy: it still can make you sit on the edge of your chair with great impatience.

In Aviator, players bet on the outcome of an airplane flight. As the plane ascends, the beginning coefficient increases, allowing the player to bigger their bet and cash out even more. But this game demands attention: once the plane leaves the screen, every not withdrawn bet is lost.

The game offers a wide range of betting options, allowing players to customize their strategy and risk level. Pro players who want to feel a fresh breeze of gambling experience can always take advantage of the double bet feature. It requires more strategy, but the prizes are bigger.

There is no special Aviator game login – just jump onto any comfortable platform, register (or log in if you already have an account there), and start the game.

Undoubtedly, the Aviator casino game is one of those products that are like a glass of good wine. It leaves a lasting impression that can’t be forgotten that easily. Many providers attempt to imitate this feeling, but Spribe definitely made it. 

Yes, that impression is not connected with graphical details and features – everything is minimalistic in this game. But a lot of attention is given to engaging in social activities. They allow the players to rethink the idea of the competition. A living community of players is a unique feature that can give new experiences. Social gaming is becoming quite trendy nowadays, so we shall see this project on the top charts for years and years.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Within the general questions, there are still some important points to consider. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Aviator Game:

How long does the game session last?

Like in every crash game, the game session cannot be predicted. It can last 1 second or a minute. Also, it depends on the moment when you withdraw your money and whether you do it before the plane flies away.

What bet is considered the minimum one?

The minimum bet is quite loyal to those players who are only learning or don’t want to play too risky at all. The minimal bet is €0.1 or the players’ currency equivalent.

What is the maximum bet?

The maximum bet in Aviator will be a good pleasure for those players who want to test their dare and luck. The maximum bet is €100 or the players’ currency equivalent.

Which odd is considered to be the lowest?

The lowest odd is always the same – the plane always starts from 1x and goes up to the skies.

What odd is the highest?

The highest odd here cannot also be predicted cause the coefficient can multiply up to x100+ or x1,000+… or x 1,000,000?  All in all, you can try out your luck and find your highest odd yourself.